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Kim O’Linn


The O’Linn security team prides itself on providing excellent customer service and satisfaction that has been instilled by their leader and owner Kimberly O’Linn.

Kim began her professional career in the restaurant industry, where customer service and satisfaction are paramount to continued success, positive reviews and customer satisfaction.

Kim became one of the youngest General Managers for one of the largest restaurant chains in the world, to owning two very successful restaurants and winning numerous awards for service along the way.

Kim brought her talents to the Coachella Valley in 2000 when she partnered with her father and saw instantaneous results as far as customer retention, satisfaction and expansion of the O’Linn name and reputation.

As of September 2018 Kim became the sole owner of O’Linn Security and is widely regarded as the most respected woman in the Coachella Valley Security Industry.

Security Guard Services

Jason Morris

Vice President

Jason Morris has been with O’Linn Security inc since he was 14 years old, starting off as a Night Dispatcher, He home-schooled himself through high school while teaching himself Web Design and Internet Marketing so he could gain a higher position within the company.

Taking over all Marketing, Web Design in 2009, O’Linn brought on new clients and grew at a faster pace than before.

Today Jason is responsible for the strategic growth and technological advancements of O’Linn Security as well as all marketing.

While continuing his marketing & company growth efforts Jason also became Certified in Hotel & Resort Security, Cannabis Security and Executive Protection Security.

Jason also serves as the personal account manager and liaison between O’Linn Security and The So Cal Coyotes helping to build out and develop the security plan for The Shield Stadium at 1 Coyote Way in Palm Desert. 

Blanca Duck

Administrative Assistant

Blanca has more than twenty years of combined secretarial and administrative assistant experience in the healthcare field.

She has brought her knowledge and expertise involving communication with medical staff, personnel, patients and their families as well as her vast experience in scheduling, billing & invoicing to O’Linn Security and our clients love how organized and professional she is.

Blanca joined the team in early 2019 and has been a tremendous asset to the growth and organization of O’Linn Security and we are so happy to have her on our team.

Security Guard Services

Iliana Morris

Scheduling Manager

Iliana joined our team in 2012 and qucikly became a very important part of our team.

Iliana handles all of the scheduling for O’Linn Security and deals directly with the 150+ employees along with their requests for days off. As the scheduling manager Iliana works in tandem with our clients to make sure their schedule is built out for each week for both our in regular ongoing security and our event security.

We all look at Iliana as a bright light in our office, she has a wonderful personality and is a joy to work with. 

Olinn Security - Jose Parra

Jose Parra

Security Director

My career in the Private Sector started back in 2016. After moving up in the ranks, from graveyard lead officer, to becoming the Head of Security for a Forbes listed and world renown mineral springs resort.

In my nearly 5 years in the hospitality security industry, I have had the pleasure of working and coordinating with celebrity security teams, political and private security teams, local law enforcement and the United States Secret Service, some in numerous occasions.

In 2018, while still managing hospitality security, I became part of a California Bail Enforcement Agents group, as a private contractor. Although it was a very different atmosphere, as a breach team member, it allowed me to learn and develop many more tactical, medical, and de-escalation skills, all skills that I could also implement in the day-to-day security operations in and for private companies. However, that took a turn for the worst in early 2020, when serving an arrest warrant went south. I was unfortunately injured on the job and from that point forward, I proceeded to dedicate my time, knowledge, and new experiences to the hospitality industry full time.

In late 2021, I parted ways with the hospitality industry for the first time and proceeded to take a job offer for a very prominent and renown, family owned and operated, private security company in Southern California. A Company that prides itself in all forms of security services, serving the Coachella Valley with event security, armed and un-armed security, hospitality security, patrol units and Security in the Cannabis industry, to name a few of its services. In my eyes, it was my opportunity to put all my experience to good use, both field and admin experience could be beneficial to my new management role whilst taking, yet another, learning experience for my self as well.

It has been a pleasure taking on a new role for O’Linn Security, and I look forward to our exponential growth.