Retail & Commercial Security

O’Linn Security knows how crucial retail store security is. We value the protection of the store staff, customers, and products.

We work with retail management to provide a security plan that is unique to each to each store’s specific concerns.

We know your reputation as a retailer is at stake, so we work hard to provide reliable security services without interrupting your daily store hours and by keeping your store secure at all costs.

Our licensed, uniformed guards will be on the store premises as needed to protect during or after hours for all management, employees, and customers.

Our retail and commercial services also include:

  • 1. 24/7 on site surveillance

  • 2. • Parking lot patrols (on site or random vehicle patrol)

  • 3. Assist during fire drills or emergency evacuations

  • 4. Conduct theft prevention & transient loitering prevention

  • 5. Investigate and address any suspicious behavior